Curriculum planning resources

The following resources may be useful when curriculum planning. Included are

  • Revised F–10 curriculum planning and reporting guidelines for Victorian schools
  • the Victorian Curriculum F–10 resource and support pages, which includes curriculum mapping templates for each curriculum area
  • a list of references to books, articles and links for further reading to selected educationalists’ websites
  • a list of commercial curriculum providers to support schools that may be considering purchasing curriculum planning software
  • quick links to teaching and learning digital resources through FUSE and Scootle.

At the time of publication all URLs (website addresses) cited were checked for accuracy and appropriateness of content. However, due to the transient nature of material placed on the web, their continuing accuracy cannot be verified. Teachers are strongly advised to prepare their own indexes of sites that are applicable.

Victorian Curriculum F–10: Revised planning and reporting guidelines

The Victorian Curriculum F–10: Revised curriculum planning and reporting guidelines provide advice for Victorian schools on the effective use of the curriculum to develop whole-school curriculum plans and to report student learning achievement.

Templates for whole-school planning

Whole-school planning is a high-level summary of the coverage of all the curriculum areas delivered through the teaching and learning program, and reflects the school's goals, vision and areas of specialisation or innovation. Schools have considerable flexibility in determining how best to organise and structure their teaching and learning programs whilst ensuring coverage of all the curriculum areas.

A range of sample templates have been developed to support schools in documenting this high-level information using the Victorian Curriculum F–10. The templates provide options for schools to consider when deciding how to best represent their teaching and learning program, while ensuring coverage of all the learning areas and capabilities. There is a template for each band of schooling, as well as a number of alternative representations. The templates are published in Excel format and schools can modify the templates to meet their needs.

Victorian Curriculum F–10 whole school planning templates in bands of schooling (xlsx - 87.89kb)

Victorian Curriculum F–10 whole school planning templates for alternative representations (xlsx - 201.76kb)

Curriculum mapping templates

Curriculum mapping identifies the extent of curriculum coverage in units of work and clearly links teaching, learning and assessment while working with the curriculum continuum. Mapping templates support teachers to identify where content descriptions and achievement standards are being explicitly addressed within the school’s teaching and learning program.

An annotated example is provided to assist teachers in visualising how the template could be completed. Please refer here: Curriculum mapping instructions​. 

Templates for each curriculum-specific area are available from the Victorian Curriculum F–10 resources and support page, under the relevant curriculum areas​. 

Books and articles

Gilbert, R., 2012, ‘Curriculum Planning in a Context of Change: A Literature Review’, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria.

Hattie, J., 2009, Visible Learning: A synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses relating to achievement, Routledge, New York.

Hattie, J., 2009, Visible Learning for Teachers, Routledge, London.

Hattie, J., 2005, ‘What is the nature of evidence that makes a difference to learning?’, article presented at the Using Data to Support Learning research conference, Melbourne, 7-9 August.

Hattie, J., 2003, ‘Teachers make a difference, what is the research evidence?’, article presented at the Building Teacher Quality research conference, Melbourne, 19-21 October.

Marzano, R.J., 2003, What Works in Schools: Translating research into action, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Alexandria.

Wiggins, G. and McTighe, J., 2005, Understanding by Design, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Alexandria.

Links to educationalists websites

John Hattie material
‘Teachers Make a Difference: What is the research evidence?’
‘What is the nature of evidence that makes a difference to learning?’
‘Visible learning: what’s good for the goose…’

Marzano Research Laboratory (Robert Marzano)
Leading US education researcher, Robert Marzano, has written numerous books on whole-school curriculum planning and assessment practice. See his website

Jay McTighe and Associates, Educational Consulting
Jay McTighe is an internationally recognised expert on whole-school planning, best known for co-authoring Understanding by Design with Grant Wiggins. Resources to support the ‘understanding by design’ approach to whole-school planning are available at:

Commercial curriculum planning software

The following list of commercial curriculum planning products is provided to support schools that may be considering purchasing curriculum planning software.

Schools are strongly advised to make their own determination whether the product they purchase suits their needs and is value for money.

The VCAA does not endorse third-party providers, products or services. The information about these products has been supplied by the commercial provider and thus the VCAA accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

For potential providers

If you would like to be considered for inclusion on the list of commercial curriculum planning providers, please contact the Victorian Curriculum F–10 unit directly. For further information and the relevant forms, please email the Victorian Curriculum F–10 unit at

Commercial curriculum planning products

Product: Curriculum Organiser Australia
Education Research Solutions 

Product description: 
Curriculum Organiser Australia provides curriculum support for whole school coordination to implement AusVELS and the Victorian Curriculum F-10, based on the planning document flow that can be negotiated, adjusted, created according to the school goals and student needs. Teachers will be able to confidently meet the Victorian Curriculum requirements, and improve student learning outcomes, while providing differentiated learning programs according to the needs of students.

 The online whole school coordination and teacher planning software includes a powerful search function to provide immediate access to teacher selected plans. Documents from all sources can be edited, adapted and organised. The comprehensive teacher planning documents include all subjects across all year levels, from Foundation to Year 10. The classroom ready documents include:

  • Tables/Checklists of requirements
  • Programs, Scope and sequence charts
  • Teaching plans: content, teaching notes, strategies, resources
  • Assessment tasks: formative and summative tests 
  • Inquiry challenges for meaningful learning experiences.

 The curriculum plans can be organised in the following layers:

By school By domain By year level By units or sequences of lessons
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Indicative costs to schools 

There are two categories of prices (all prices exclusive of GST): 

  • Teacher planning version: $900 and $70/teacher (includes initial PD)
  • Whole school coordination + Teacher planning: $2900 and $70/teacher (includes initial training and customised full day PD, whole-school subject plans and assessments). 
NB: First year price includes support to set up the online planning structures as required, with price reduction of 50% for the second year
Customised professional development programs can be designed and delivered, to address school goals. 

For more details, please contact Curriculum Organiser Australia


Product: Edumate

edumateProvider: Hobsons Australia Pty Ltd 

Product description:
“Edumate’s curriculum mapping is designed to assist schools in not just compliance, it uses simple-to-understand methodologies to help teachers create excellent programs linked to government requirements as well as school values and initiatives. Our process will empower teachers to unlock the nuances of any curriculum Edumate works with while helping them to design elegant programmes which are differentiated to individual student needs.

While helping teachers it also assists the schools executive by allowing transparency on what is taught and when. Mapping tools can be used to discover gaps in the curriculum or identify areas for improvement.”

The curriculum plans can be organised in the following layers:

By school By domain By year level By units or sequences of lessons
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Indicative costs to schools:
Edumate is available to schools at a per student cost, and the curriculum planning module is a core part of Edumate. It can also be purchased separately as a part of the Learning Alignment System, also at a per student cost. Pricing available on application. For more details, please contact Hobsons Australia.


Product: Rubicon Atlas Curriculum Management
Provider: Rubicon International

Product description:
“Rubicon Atlas is an online platform designed to electronically encompass the entire process of curriculum management in support of faculty, administrators and the greater school community. Each new Atlas system is customized to reflect a school’s pedagogy, academic standards (including the AusVELS and the Australian Curriculum) and unique curricular needs. More than just an online curriculum repository, Atlas changes the paradigm of curriculum work from a cycle of documentation to a managed process for focused collaborative review and advancement. Atlas does this through:

  • a simple interface for capturing the best thinking
  • powerful reporting for analysing opportunities for growth
  • a personalized experience for each educator.

Armed with the most current and enhanced curriculum information, educators and administrators alike are empowered to make strategic curriculum decisions in order to advance and improve the learning experience of all students.”

The curriculum plans can be organised in the following layers:

By school By domain By year level By units or sequences of lessons
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Indicative costs to schools:
Licensing costs are based on the overall size of the school in terms of faculty, staff and student enrolment, as well as the character and pace of how the curriculum management process is rolled out across the school. Pricing available on application. For more details, please contact Rubicon Atlas.


Product: Stile
Provider: Stile Education Pty

Product description:
“Stile digital workbook is a cloud-based teaching and learning platform. It helps optimise student-teacher interaction.

  • Very simple for teachers to create attractive, engaging multimedia activities (1 hour training maximum to get started with their class) 
  • Students view learning content and respond on the same page 
  • Students can create multimedia projects using text, pictures, audio, video, graphs, mind maps, tables etc. 
  • Teachers can view students’ work any time, on any device 
  • Instantaneous distribution, submission and hand-back of work – no emails or share folders necessary 
  • Teachers comment directly beside students’ answers 
  • Instant analysis of multiple-choice question results 
  • Easy lesson-sharing with other teachers with a click of a button. 
  • Runs on all devices including tablets and laptops – only an internet connection required 

All Stile content is presented on web pages called ‘activities’, which sit under three levels of organisation. Stile is not a curriculum planning tool as such, however schools can use this hierarchy to organise their content to align with their curriculum plans, including formative and summative assessments.”

The curriculum plans can be organised in the following layers:

By school By domain By year level By units or sequences of lessons
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Indicative costs to schools:
$30 per student per year, with no limit on the number of subjects a student can take within a school. For more details, please contact Stile Education.

Provider: eUP Pty Ltd  

Product description:    
“Unit Hero is a comprehensive curriculum planning website. Step by step processes are included that enable teachers to write comprehensive units of work. Teachers have access to all of the Domains within AusVELS, as well as the Cross Curriculum Priorities. In the Australian Curriculum standards section of Unit Hero, teachers also have access to the General Capabilities. Teachers select standards to be taught during a unit. These standards can be linked to each task. Prompts are provided that enable teachers to develop conceptually based curriculum.

Teachers have access to a comprehensive toolkit that is referenced against the levels of thinking within Bloom’s Taxonomy. This toolkit includes hundreds of teaching resources, thinking tools, cooperative tools, literacy strategies and practical graphic organisers.

A multi-functional planner/timetable is included in Unit Hero. This enables teachers to create their own personalised timetable that includes links to tasks they have written.”

The curriculum plans can be organised in the following layers:

By school By domain By year level By units or sequences of lessons
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Indicative costs to schools:
An annual Unit Hero subscription is $95 for teachers, with free access for school leaders. For more details, please contact Unit Hero.

Online digital teaching and learning resources

fuse logo v7Find Use Share Educational resources (FUSE) is a digital repository and sharing space provided by DET. With over 28,000 quality-assured digital resources available for teachers and learners of all ages, including interactives, videos, images, websites and all Scootle resources. FUSE resources align specifically to the curriculum framework. FUSE includes the ‘My Desk’ workspace that enables teachers to create resource packages, upload content, share resources, tag and make comments.


Scootle is the national digital repository and sharing space provided to support Australian teachers using the Australian Curriculum. Available to all Victorian teachers, Scootle is home to quality digital resources developed and/or aligned to the Australian Curriculum.